Semi-finished products for window woodwork are made of pine wood, glued in layers and lengthwise tenoned (finger jointing), milled and profiled according to technical documentation.


Heating Materials

Wood briquette

Wood briquette - RUF cube -  produced from dry pine sawdust, packed in 10 kg bags (12 cubes each) and palletized (960 kg, 96 bags per palette)
Technical parameters of briquette:

calorific value19553 kJ/kg
humidity 7%
density 950 kg/m3
ash content 0.3%


Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks - packed in bags

Timber wood chips

Timber wood chips - packed on a metal frame

Construction elements

Glued construction elements are manufactured by gluing wood layers with a hydraulic press. Elements maximum dimension: length: 10,000 mm, width. 180 mm, height 600 mm). They can be used as ceiling beams, structural elements of garden and garage sheds or wooden framed construction houses